Sculpture on the Gulf Waiheke Island
23 Jan – 15 Feb 2009

Inspired by a number of public and private collections of tribal and primitive art that I have seen in recent years, my proposal for Headland is based on one of the many pseudo-ethnographic objects I had produced for an Auckland exhibition entitled The Eternals (2007). This new work recalls in part the Greek mythology of Argos, the giant with one hundred eyes who remained forever watchful, as well as recalling the mythology of Polynesian guardian gods as protectors of sacred lands and guides to the Spirit world. Through the interblending of Polynesian folklore and Western mythologies I hope to develop new hybrids and contexts that solicits multiple intertextual readings as a means to create new mythologies: a guardian sentinel whose unwavering eyes stands watch out over the harbour for returning and wayward spirits. This task as vigilant observer also recalls Waiheke Island's historical role as part of New Zealand's coastal defence system during the Second World War.